Parents’ evenings

”I find it useful that the parents have their own event in connection with the children’s workshop. I hope it is standard practice. This way, it is easier/better to discuss these topics further with the kids. And to keep talking about them for longer.”

The parents’ evenings focus on examining the new norm – the more diverse Finland. The parents get information on how young people feel about discrimination, racism, and prejudice. In the course of the evening, the lecturers bring up questions that young people often have and examine research findings on young people’s attitudes towards the social phenomena surrounding them.

The parents get familiar with the Walter Association and go through the KYTKE workshops together with the lecturers. The workshops enable the parents to discuss the topics from the youths’ perspective. This is also a way of increasing the parents’ understanding about cultural and ethnic diversity, racism, and discrimination in the context of the school as well as the whole society. During the events, we aim at providing the parents with concrete examples of the different manifestations of racism and discrimination and of the research results we have obtained together with other sectors.

The duration of a parents’ evening is a minimum of 90 minutes.

Through the interaction and dialogue between the lecturers and the parents, we also discuss the parents’ personal prejudices and challenge them to talk about and deal with those preconceptions.

Duration: 90 min. Group size: max. 100 participants.