School Workshops

”The event was amazing and had great atmosphere! I liked it a lot. It was incredible to share personal experiences and opinions. I could have listened to people’s opinions an hour longer. I hope there will be more events like this. Thank you so much!”

For years, the main part of the KYTKE project has been workshops hosted by former or current Finnish athletes and artists with diverse cultural and/or ethnic backgrounds. These workshops are targeted at grades 3–9 and they deal with being Finnish, identity, racism, and discrimination. The students are encouraged to express their own opinions and thoughts and to challenge their prejudices. The instructors share their personal experiences related to the topics and thus encourage the youth to discuss and process their own feelings and thoughts.

The workshop consists of an introduction, explaining the concepts, groupwork, and summary.

Duration: 60 min. Group size: grades 7–9, max. 80 pupils / workshop. Grades 1–6, max. 30 pupils / workshop.